Bianca Schepers

Paintings and photo manipulations



Photo manipulations



Stories, memories and thoughts woven with a landscape. Sometimes sharp, sometimes undefined. Fragments of illogical coupled thoughts. Like a dream during daytime, mental connections.

My paintings and photo manipulations are composed of different layers.

Every layer has its independent purpose but combined they form a new story. Like the sudden thought unifies itself with a landscape.

The image is captured before a new one presents itself.

Like a snapshot or a still from a movie, the truth off that moment.



Education: ArtEZ, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Arnhem

Faculty Visual Arts. 

Graduated in 1994

2022    April, may and june Kunstkamer Franeker

2020    9,10 en 11 Oktober Art fair Adaf 2020 Amsterdam

2019    Studio is open, Bourtange

            Kunstkamer Franeker Franeker

            Little Treasures 201 Trevisan international art,

            Galleria De Marchi, Bologna, Italy 

2018    Landelijk Atelierweekend Alteveer (GN)

            ADAF 2018 Amsterdam


2017    Opening atelier Groningen

2016    Galerie Polhus Nijkerk 

            VM23 Rumble in the Jungle Arnhem 

            Werk in stock: Voorhuis Design Doetinchem Doetinchem

            Werk in stock: Galerie Sous-Terre Lithoijen 

2015    ArtArnhem Kunstbeurs Arnhem 

2014    ArtArnhem Kunstbeurs Arnhem 

2013    Voorhuis Design Doetinchem

2012    Galerie Waarkunst       film opening  t' Waar Groningen

            Kunst aan de Vaart, Assen

2011    Voorhuis Design exposition Doetinchem

            Kunstbeurs van het Oosten Nijverdal

            Walls galerie Amsterdam

2009    Radboud Nijmegen

2008    Galerie Sous-Terre, stockexpositie Aalsmeer

            Galerie Sous-Terre Aalsmeer

2006    Matser Wageningen

            Galerie / Atelier deel 3 Borne

2004    Galerie DEK Arnhem

1999    Arnhemse Kunstenaars in de Openbare

            Bibliotheek Den Haag

1996    Kunsthuis 13 Velp

            Stadsgalerie B.A.S. Sneek

            Kunst in het kwartier Arnhem

            Villa Sonsbeek, Stichting Art & Design Arnhem

1995    Kunst in het Kwartier Arnhem

            Villa Sonsbeek, Stichting Art & Design Arnhem

1994    Radboud Nijmegen



Bianca Schepers